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Research and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing


- Research and Development of Organic/Inorganic Impregnant
- Manufacturing and Marketing of Impregnant
- Impregnation Processing on; various castings and moldings, powder metal, sintered metal, sprayed ceramics, various oxide films,plastics, plastic magnets, various composites, wood, fiber materials and others
- Testing and Analysis of Various Impregnated Parts
- Electrochemical Processing on Various Surfaces
- Research, Manufacturing, Marketing of Lubricant, Mold-releasing agent, and various industrial additives

Research and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing


-Consulting on Impregnation of various parts
-Planning and Designing of Impregnation Process Systems
-Planning and Designing of Impregnant-Dissolved-Water Recycling Systems
-Maintenance of Impregnation Systems

Environmental Engineering

-Research and Development, Planning, Consulting and Designing of Biological (bacterium utilized) Waste Disposal Plant
-Processing and Recycling of Impregnant Dissolved Water
-Research and Development of Biological Processing and Recycling of Industrial Water